Concrete Sofa


Concrete sofa

Casting as a production method
‘Anyone who has ever cast plaster statues as a child, remembers the exitement when the mold could be removed. Sometimes you were too impatient and you broke a statue, because the plaster was not yet hard enough. Then you had to mix plaster and water again and wait. Afterwards, you could paint the statue. But I rather casted a new statue right away. And another one. And another one. I loved going on, just until all the plaster was gone.’
For the concrete furniture project the primary intent was to use casting as a production method. Casting with a self composed and inexpensive material that would meet all structural requirements. Concrete is very suitable: it has the firm and industrial look that suits sustainable furniture.
The process was informed by ergonomics and comfort: the concrete side panels follow the contours of the seat position.
Sofa and armchair
The Concrete Sofa is available as a sofa and armchair, in any desired width. The concrete panels and metal frame provide a strong base. The furniture is easily disassembled for transport.
Indoor sofa
The Concrete Sofa is designed for indoor use.
  • The side panels are made of concrete, cast into a mold. Concrete is durable and 100% recyclable.
  • The sofa has a metal frame, provided with Nosag springs.
  • The fabrics for the upholstery are selected form the collection of Bute Fabrics.
  • The foot of each side panel is padded with a layer of durable rubber to protect the floor.