Bulb TL


Bulb TL

The technological transition from incandescent to LED lighting inspired Marcel van Heeswijk to design a lighting fixture for both types of lamps.Since the invention of the light bulb (1854), alternative lighting sources had been a long time coming. The fluorescent lamp (TL) was introduced in 1935, followed by LEDs in 1962, and usable white light came around 1990.

Effortless transition to LED
We most often see fixtures for light bulbs, LED lamps or TL at our homes and offices. Although LED lighting has been developing fast, manufacturers still often base the form on that of classic light bulbs. Since they come in various sizes, LED lamps do not always fit neatly into existing fixtures. What happens if we combine them with TL fixtures?

Mixed fixture

The Bulb TL accommodates classic light bulbs as well as LED lamps. It is designed so that the base of the light components are exposed by the distance between the lamp holder and the shade; profiled by a square pipe and a bent sheet of metal, respectively. The form of the lamps is integral to the aesthetics of the lighting fixture.
· Bulb TL is available with 4 or 6 lamps; 80cm or 120 cm in length, respectively.
· The distance between the lamp holder and the shade is adjustable in order to fit both light bulbs and LED lamps.
· Bulb TL consists of a minimal number of parts and is future-proof.
· Material is aluminium, neutral anodised or brass-gold anodised