Bulb TL in aluminium met 4 reflectorlampen.<br/><br/>Bulb TL in aluminium with 4 reflector light bulbs



The Concrete Sofa en Bulb TL can be visited at the Reduxdesign workshop. Contact us for an appointment.

Exhibitions 2015

Dutch Design Week 17 – 25 October 2015

During the Dutch Design Week the We Cast Furniture presentation can be seen at DesignPerron. The adress is Fuutlaan 12, 5613 AB in Eindhoven.

Milan Design Week 14 – 19 April 2015
We Cast Furniture is the name of the concept space Reduxdesign presents in Milan. The most progressive and fastest growing design district Ventura Lambrate, is just the place for the presentation of the new Concrete Sofa and Bulb TL. Both objects show what Reduxdesign and Marcel van Heeswijk stand for: exploring the edges of existing techniques and materials, to bring us new and better uses.

The location in Milan is: Via Privata Oslavia 7, 20134 Milan

Exhibitions 2014

Exhibition Shapes” in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam. The exhibition took place from 11 september till 10 december 2014.

D(esign)-day: from 30 May till 1 June in ‘de timmerfabriek’ in Maastricht.
Exhibitions 2013

The Concrete Sofa and Bulb TL were exhibited in the Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week 2013 in Eindhoven.