Interiorproject GoodHabitz

Stage for knowledge transfer

GoodHabitz is an online educator based in Eindhoven. For their office they asked Marcel van Heeswijk to design the interior. The space is tapered, and had an attic in the tip. The attic has been removed, and the steel of the structure is reused for a bridge connecting two stages.
The stages are equipped with workstations and symbolize the company’s philosophy: the transfer of knowledge. Because of the acoustics the stages are equipped with two niches that offer privacy for consultations and telephone. On the desks are noise barriers, designed in the same color as the niches.
To maintain furnishing flexibility in future space, a number of movable noise barriers are used. These are designed in the same style as the stages, and made of galvanized steel (sendzimir). The tip is used as consultation room, screened with a coconut wall which also contributes to the acoustics. The bar in the waiting area is made from a tree trunk top surmounted by a Bulb TL 1200 lamp. The interior also has two Concrete Sofas. The interior design is executed by Reduxdesign. Read the article Pi Project & Interior wrote about it (in Dutch).